What is Man Street Kitchen?

Man St. Kitchen was borne primarily out of our love of food. Our little outdoor kitchen is an extended part of our home. We’d love you to become part of the Man St. family.

Our food style is adaptable and evolving. We get a lot of our cooking influence from Asian, Middle Eastern & American flavours, techniques and ingredient lists. Mix slow, southern BBQ & big smokey flavours with fresh sauces and crisp fruit & veg, plus a splash of the paleo-hunter-gatherer vibe and you’ve got us.

We like to experiment as much as we like to perfect a recipe, and between us we have more than 2 decades of food industry experience.

Our Food: Forage, Grow, Cook, Eat, Repeat.

We work hard to source our meat and produce locally. It’s important to us that we support the communities that supports us.

We get our meat from Higgins Butchers in Sutton, our fish is sourced from the best fishmongers in Howth Harbour, and we get as much produce as we can from local spots. Sometimes the spot is a neighbourhood greengrocer. Sometimes it's from our garden at home. And sometimes it’s foraged in the wild during one of our hiking expeditions. We’ll make our own bread at home as often as we can, but bread-making is a fickle business. If our starter hasn’t ehhh.. started, then we’ll get fresh-baked loaves from Bread Naturally in Raheny Village.


Sample Food Truck Menu

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"…incredibly professional. The food was absolutely amazing... Would highly recommend."

— Nicky Callen, Dublin

Sample Catering Menu

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Catherine +

Cheeky Irish lass meets long-haired English hippie: hilarity ensues.

Dan & Catherine met in 2007 when they were both working in New Zealand at the tiny but infamous Queenstown burger joint, Fergburger. It was a match made in deep-fried burger heaven.

They moved in together onto Man Street not long after, and following their stints as late-night deliverers of juicy burger-and-fries combos, they each took a greater and more serious interest in the food industry: Dan as back-of-house cheffing maestro and Catherine as front-of-house guru. They continued their hospitality careers, full-throttle as they expanded their knowledge of cooking and food.

Living in Queenstown and traveling around New Zealand, their affinity for all things outdoorsy grew. Living something of an in-the-wild lifestyle also set them happily down a path of discovering more about how to grow their own food, and obviously, how to cook it.

They spent nearly a decade away from home, working & learning in NZ, the U.K., and France, before making it back to Dublin in late 2017. They shipped their beloved horsebox over with them to start its life on the frontlines of the Irish food scene.

Now the proud and humble owners of a catering business and transportable al fresco kitchen: “We can’t wait to show you what we can do”.